16 June 2009

Khamenei Fast Tracks Voting Fraud Investigation

An Iranian Tweeter reports: "Khamenei LIVE say he is re-confirming #iranelection was A'nejad win"

Everyone saw this coming. But it's important to note that Mousavi declined a recount and stated that only a re-vote could settle the matter.

In other news: Khamenei tries to discredit the protests by blaming any unrest on West--Obama played it right.


Anonymous said...

Glad to see you're back and wonderful to hear that recovery is ongoing!

This entire debacle in Iran, with too-quick results, stomping on the press, and side-stepping the real issues has led me to believe Obama withholding comment was right, his outreach was right, etc.

mpandgs said...

Hi there. Thanks--we have our good and bad days, naturally, but recovery continues.

On Obama, You're right. It's disturbing how so US politicos are eager to interfere in other nations' affairs. Why would they want to undermine the opposition by giving the pro-Ahmadinejad folks a way to define (and divide) the protesters as backed by "The Great Satan"? It boggles the mind. Anyway, thanks again for your kind words and thanks for coming by.