14 June 2009

Iran: The Whole World is Watching

They're attacking students in their dorms.

Last night, vigilantes burst into a dorm at Isfahan Technical University. Tonight, a similar group has blocked any and all access to dorms at Tehran University. Students can't get out, and help can't get in. "Change_for_Iran", a Twitterer who claims to be in dorm at Tehran University writes that the forces aren't military or police--they'e Ansar-Hezbolah, a hardline Iranian paramilitary group. "Change for Iran's" Tweets are frightening and heartbreaking.

Update: "Change for Iran" Tweets the following:
if what gooyanews reported is true, the situation in other buildings are far worst than us #iranelection

according to gooyanews : in whole complex: 15 badly wounded, more than 100 arrested or missing. #iranelection
And "Iluvfreedom," aka human rights specialist Mariam Memarsadeghi, Tweets:
7students thrown from Kooye/Univ of Tehran dormitory; dozens injured; fully armed Ansar in dorm bldg # 23,18,17,16,14,7,5 #iranelection

Seriously? Sending paramilitary vigilantes after the kids?

I celebrate the courage of these protesters in their struggle to assert their voices. No matter how the government strives to silence those voices by taking web pages offline (Tehran Bureau is one example), by cutting cell phone access, by evicting the MSM, and by threatening violence, these Iranians, old and young, continue to tell their side of the story--by Twittering, emailing, uploading videos of horrific abuse--ensure that the whole world hears.

Aside: Tehran Bureau has been online only sporadically throughout the day. Earlier, someone posted the following on its Twitter page:
webmaster says the Iranian govt is overloading us with requests to disable our site: "denial of service attack"
The site is currently down.

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