15 June 2009

Iran: Rally Misinformation?

Apparently a load of rumors have cropped up announcing that Mousavi or one of his spokesmen has canceled Monday's rallies. At this point, there's been no solid confirmation one way or the other (despite a BBC story which states that the organization "understands" that the marches have been canceled. The BBC neglects to name its source for the assertion, so people remain a bit uncertain). As the government has arranged for a communications blackout, it's a challenge for folks to determine what is truth and what is misinformation.

Per Twitter, numerous Iranians are negating the BBC's claim and continue to call for a four p.m. rally. Many folks point out that even if the march was canceled, it's a bit late to notify everyone. It looks like the rally will occur, in one form or another, regardless of any cancellation announcements. However, it appears that the government has blocked roads throughout Tehran, so arriving at the rally spot(s) will be difficult.

Update: Iranian Tweeters have generated the topic #BBCFAIL for reporting the rally's cancellation. For all intents and purposes, the rally is on [clarification: Tweeters created topic "BBCFAIL" to draw attention to the BBC's misreporting of the rally. Sorry. I was really wiped when I wrote this entry].

Update two: Mousavi & Karroubi will attend the rally with supporters. I guess this means the march is, indeed, still on.

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