14 June 2009

Iran: News Sources

Reports from Iran are slipping though.
Andrew Sullivan has regular updates from Iranian readers and links to commentary. The Tehran Bureau is a solid source, as is The New York Times' Lede Blog, which offers regular updates. The Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting has updates (albeit irregularly), and The Huffington Post is "liveblogging the uprising."

Perhaps most importantly, there is Twitter. Granted, it's hard to differentiate between rumor and fact, but recent Tweets claim that the Iranian army has declared itself neutral, that a young woman has been killed, and that tanks have entered Tehran.

Also find:
The Guardian has started a live blog here.
Here, the BBC's links to sites sharing information on events in Iran.
Here, a list of English language Twitterers in Iran.
"Revolutionary Road," an Iranian English-language blog, is here. Caveat: the blog includes many photos and videos of abuses.

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