14 May 2008

Montgomery Blair Sibley Suspended in DC and FLA?

Poor Larry Sinclair.
He had one thing going for him to "get his case out there," to bring MSM attention to his accusations against Barack Obama that include drug abuse, illicit gay sex, murder, and intimidation. Among other things.

In February, Sinclair filed a lawsuit against Obama, David Axelrod, and the DNC for investigating him, intimidating him, and "actively preventing allegations" against Senator Obama from being brought forth. The Smoking Gun has the documents. The case was tossed out. For the court's decisions in that case, see the documents here.

So, moving onto tactic two, Sinclair files lawsuits against three bloggers who have "defamed" him. Rather than explore this aspect of Sinclair's saga on my blog, I'll direct you to DBKP for the full story. The point is that, in bringing the bloggers to trial, Sinclair hoped that the Obama story would be disclosed in court. This event, in Sinclair's supporters' view, would grant the tale some kind of legitimacy.

For his suit against the bloggers, Sinclair hired the notorious Montgomery Blair Sibley--a man who owes $100,000 in child support, has a history of filing frivolous suits (even to the point of trying to sue the US Supreme court. See this Washington Post story for more goodies.)

Silbley is also famous for representing, at one time, the late Deborah Jeanne Palfrey (the DC Madam). One thing Sinclair might have considered prior to hiring Sibley: Ms. Palfrey had dropped Sibley as her defense attorney in January because she'd "lost faith" in him. She preferred to represent herself in court rather than trust Sibley. But then, perhaps Sibley was the only one who would take Sinclair's case.

However, due to his contentious actions in the Sunshine State, the Florida bar suspended Sibley for three years beginning May, 2008. Apparently, the DC bar, in an act of reciprocal discipline, suspended Sibley today. (This information may be in dispute. please see below).

In a peculiar act of self-promotion, Sibley's website features a link to the Florida bar so that lawyer-seekers can "confirm that [he is] an attorney." Of course, the link takes you directly to a site that notifies the audience that while Sibley is an attorney, he is not in good standing.

So what does Sinclair do now? Seek another lawyer? Slink away? Will the judge throw the case out? Most importantly, what happens to all the money that Sinclair has been collecting from his supporters for his "legal fund"? We'll have to wait and see on this.

By the way, the inimitable folks at The Mitch and Nan Show (sworn enemies of attacks on free speech) should be lauded for their investigations into this demeritorious mess.

Update: Overlawyered has not been able to locate documentation on Sibley's alleged suspension (not disbarment) and has has retracted its post on the DC affair.

Update Two: The Progressive Review published this today: "Montgomery Blair Sibley, who represented the late DC Madam, Deborah Jeanne Palfrey has been suspended by the Florida bar for three years, resulting in reciprocal suspension in Washington, DC. 'He is someone who abuses the legal process,' said Barnaby Min, counsel for the Florida Bar."

Update Three: It's been confirmed. Montgomery Blair Sibley has been suspended from practicing law in Washington DC or in Florida.

Update Four: The Supreme Court has denied Sibley's application to stay the suspension; he refiled, and the Court will confer on January 16th, 2009. It doesn't look promising.

Final (?) Update: the Supreme Court has denied Sibley's application (01/21/09).

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