23 January 2009

Sibley: Supreme Court Confers & Denies

Simply an update for those who recall Montgomery Blair Sibley's association with Larry Sinclair (Sibley acted as Sinclair's attorney in the "three bloggers" case, etc. Sibley also made a notorious kilt-wearing appearance at Sinclair's National Press Club 'do).

The Washington D C Bar suspended Sibley back in late spring 2008 (while Sibley was working with Sinclair). In May, Sibley applied to the Supreme Court "for stay pending the filing and disposition of a petition for a writ of certiorari" (USSC). (Despite his suspension, Sibley continued work as an attorney, by the way).

On 09 December, Chief Justice Roberts denied Sibley's application. Sibley quickly refiled the application and submitted it to Justice Clarence Thomas, who referred it to the court.

The Supreme Court met in conference on 16 January, and yesterday, 21 January, the Supreme Court turned Sibley down. you can review all of the details at the USSC site.

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