23 January 2009

Time to Update the NRCC website.

Caught this at Balloon Juice:

The National Republican Congressional Committee’s website proudly asserts on an "issues" page:

NRCC Home > Issues > Economy


Thanks to Republican economic policies, the U.S. economy is robust and job creation is strong.

Republican tax cuts are creating jobs and continuing to strengthen the economy, yet there is still more to do so that every American who wants a job can find one.

One of the key items on the NRCC’s agenda: “[e]ncourage investment and expansion by restraining federal spending and reducing regulation.” Yup. That’s what we need—less regulation, especially for those financial institutions.

Seriously, there's no mention of our current economic uncertainty, and no comment on the consistent reports of layoffs across the nation. You’d think the people in charge of advancing the Republican cause would at least try to avoid a variation on “the fundamentals of our economy are strong.”

Update: It looks as though the NRCC’s webmaster has now updated the site's "Issues" category by cleaning it out (if you go to “Issues” from the NRCC homepage, you get an empty screen).

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