13 January 2009

Martin Luther King, Jr.'s Papers Online

In a pretty significant moment for historians in general, Morehouse College will place its hefty collection of Dr. King's work (from 1944-1968) online. According to The Atlanta Journal Constitution, the King collection includes:
many of King’s speeches and personal writings from 1946 to 1968.
About 7,000 pieces are handwritten by King, including an early draft of the famous “I Have a Dream” speech, his 1964 Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech and nearly 100 sermons, some of which never have been published.
All will be available for examination.
[Collection Director Clayborne]Carson, interviewed by telephone Monday, said he is especially excited about the outlines, drafts and finished manuscripts of sermons that give insight into King the preacher.
“The religious documents are the ones that have not been available to scholars,” he said. (AJC)
(aside: At this moment, the College's Robert W. Woodruff Library continues to "arrange and organize" King's materials. I'm guessing it will be open to all fairly soon).

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