06 January 2009

Sanjay Gupta as Surgeon General?

Yup. Looks like CNN's own health correspondent is being considered for the position. Watch the conspiracy theories kick into high gear over this one (never mind how highly qualified the man is, the CNN connection is bound to prompt conniption fits amongst some of the population).


Anonymous said...

Gupta is an eminently qualified physician, but, as you note, since his name is not "Fred" or "John" he will become a target.

mpandgs said...

Dr. Gupta is, indeed, way qualified. Rather than his name causing a problem, I was wondering if his affiliation with CNN, rather than his ethnicity, would spark conspiracy theories amongst the conspiracy folks. But you never know with that lot.

As far as the politicians go, with Bobby Jindal's success, and the way some Conservatives are signaling that Jindal could be a viable Republican candidate for 2012, I don't think Gupta's ethnicity would be an issue for Conservatives.