18 October 2008

Rumor Central: ACORN & Voter, Mortgage Fraud

If you can't wrap your head around all those accusations being flung at ACORN (Association of Community Organizers for Reform Now), which include allegations of propelling voter fraud on a scale that threatens to destroy "the fabric of our democracy" and of exacerbating the mortgage meltdown, take a look at FactCheck's rundown of both the accusations and the reality.

And yes, FactCheck is associated with the Annenberg Foundation, which is also linked to the Annenberg Challenge, and, yes, Obama sat on the Annenberg Challenge board. But is the Annenberg Foundation a liberal organization? It doesn't look that way; it's a charitable group that has extensive ties with the Republican Party, beginning with its founder, Walter Annenberg.

Aside: The ACORN brouhaha is another example of a "scandal" with Internet origins working its way into the MSM. Like the "Whitey" tape and the allegations that made their way into a "17 page Congressional report" on the Senator, it began with people intent on stimulating anti-Obama sentiment, and who relied on falsehoods and distortions in doing so.

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