27 October 2008

Rumor Central: Andy Martin's New Theory Undermines Old Theories

Andy Martin, who initiated the "Barack Obama is a closet Muslim" campaign, and who contributed to the "Barack Obama is not a U. S. citizen" campaign, has completely undermined both theories by claiming the following:
Obama is not in fact a Muslim. But that's because [. . . ] he believes Obama's real father is not Barack Obama Sr [who was a non-practiciing Muslim] but civil rights leader Frank Marshall Davis [see here for FMD material]. (The Plank)
Got that?
All that work, Mr. Martin, all those rumors. . .only to wipe them out with one fresh conspiracy. You have to wonder how all of Martin's followers are taking the news. Especially Sean Hannity, who based an entire episode of Hannity's America on Martin's "expose" of Obama.

Does Martin have evidence, by the way, supporting the claim that Frank Marshall Davis fathered Obama?

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