28 October 2008

On Feuding Within the McCain Campaign

The feuding within the McCain-Palin campaign grow ever more public and disturbing.

Senator McCain has negated any conflicts within the campaign, but McCain advisors, speaking anonymously, continue to strike at Governor Palin as a "diva,"a "whackjob," and someone incredibly difficult "get up to speed" about current issues. Again, these comments aren't emerging from moonbat libs, but from McCain aides.

Governor Palin's supporters aren't taking this sitting down. They feel that she's been "mishandled" by the McCain camp, and they're giving as good as they're getting. . . and she's "going rogue."

Should the ticket win, how would this infighting impact Senator McCain's ability to govern effectively? Not only would he be forced to deal with (what looks to be) a Democratic majority in Congress and Senate, but he'd have to work with a resentful Vice Presidential camp that, it's claimed, began setting its figurehead up for a 2012 presidential run before election day 2008.

Added: Robert Draper, the reporter behind the New York Times Magazine's article, "The Making (and Remaking and Remaking) of John McCain," offers fresh insight into the campaign's tensions at his GQ blog.

Wait! There's more. From Jake Tapper at ABC News’ Political Punch: "Ooooooh--Barracuda!"

You have to feel badly for Senator McCain. It's getting beyond tense.

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