22 October 2008

On Wardrobes, Pizzas, and Candidates

So the RNC spent $150,000 on Governor Palin’s wardrobe (as well as some items for husband and baby Trig, apparently).

It’s an interesting story, but not because, as some folks are surmising, such fancy-schmancy outfitting conflicts with Palin’s “Joe Six Pack” image. It’s interesting because it's such a questionable priority--did the RNC really consider this particular investment? Sure, she looks great (fantastic even), but how could that money have been spent to actually help the McCain-Palin campaign? How much air time in Colorado, Maine, or Pennsylvania could that $150,000 purchase?

Such a use of (now) much needed funds seems strikingly similar to Hillary Clinton's campaign spending habits. Remember the media reports about how her campaign misspent its warchest for incidental items—like pizza?

No, pizza and a Vice-Presidential nominee’s apparel aren’t exactly equivalent, but that both campaigns chose to spend money in on such non-essentials signifies either absolute ineptness or a belief in the campaign’s win as utterly inevitable.

We know how it turned out for Hillary. How will it turn out for the Republicans?

No wonder the GOP's donors are cheesed off.

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