02 October 2008

John McCain Withdraws from Michigan

That's right: Senator McCain is pulling his people from Michigan. Although the state's electoral votes typically go to Democratic candidates, McCain targeted it anyway. Here's the reasoning behind spending all those millions in Michigan as well as an explanation why pulling out isn't a bad thing:

A McCain adviser dismissed the decision as irrelevant to the campaign's overall strategy to win. He said the original decision to try and compete in Michigan was a tactic to spread Obama thin on Democratic turf. He noted that Obama has already pulled back from several states where he originally had hoped to challenge McCain, as well.

"If we win FL, MO, NC, VA, IN and OH -- all states Republicans have won for decades -- that puts us at 260 electoral votes," the adviser said in an e-mail. "We need to find 10 electoral votes from CO, NV, NM, NH, MN, WI, and PA. Frankly, we have an easier map than Obama. He's on the defense."

Huh? Haven't they seen the polls? Take a look at FiveThirtyEight, Pollster.com, or Real Clear Politics (where Obama currently sits at a 5.8 average lead): how do these polls signify that Obama is on the defense? Yes, the polls can (and will) fluctuate between now and the election, but, well, it's just looking better for Obama at the moment. Keep that chin up, McCain camp!

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