05 February 2009

What He Said. . . .

John Cole at Balloon Juice:

The next time anyone in Congress opposes any infrastructure stimulus spending, whether it be on roads, bridges, whatever, the very first thing I would do is go through every single Iraq appropriations bill, target line by line the spending appropriations for rebuilding Iraq, and then look at the roll call vote. I bet all sorts of fun could be had pointing out “fiscal conservatives” who repeatedly voted to build infrastructure in Iraq, without so much as blinking, who are now getting the vapors about a couple billion being spent domestically on similar projects. America First, the saying was, right?

A bipartisan group of governors has declared its support of the stimulus plan, but it seems as though Democratic Senators and Representatives arne't nearly as vocal as they should be in their support. If they truly believe in the proposed stimulus, maybe it’s time the began explaining the bill--and what it contains--to the American public. Thus far, they've allowed the bill's opponents to do all the defining. Small wonder popular support has been declining.

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