27 February 2009

Is It Really Surprising?

Barack Obama elected president.
Anti-Immigrant paranoia.
Sharp Economic downturn.


The Southern Poverty Law Center's "Intelligence Report: the Year in Hate" notes a fairly sharp rise in hate groups who insist that minority lenders are responsible for the economic meltdown, immigrants for the employment meltdown, and Barack Obama for, well, whatever else there is. Or everything in general.

The good news is that these groups only represent a minuscule segment of America's population. They might be loud, but they're readily dismissed by the vast majority of folks.


Anonymous said...

There are several components to the SPLC's report, including one which recognizes an increase in the "sovereign citizen" movement. This could be construed to include those of the COLB cabal.

mpandgs said...

You're spot on, anonymous.
http://www.yestodemocracy.com has done a magnificent job of tracking the overlap between the COLB conspiracy theorists and supporters of the "sovereign citizen" movement.

Truly, the SPLC report should be required reading.