26 February 2009

Shelby Rejects COLB

The conspiracy theories over the COLB, that is.

In an interview with Politico, Alabama's senior senator responded to small flurry of notoriety following a report that he'd questioned the President's eligibility at a town-hall meeting. Yesterday, Shelby personally,
dismissed a report in the Cullman (Ala.) Times in which he was captured as indulging a constituent’s question about whether the president was born on American soil, a widely debunked rumor held over from the presidential campaign.

“Someone asked me that in a meeting and basically what I did is paraphrase, you know just quote for the crowd, what they said and I said that has been settled,” Shelby recounted today, calling his remark “distorted.”
Shelby added, “[I] never had any doubts” about President Obama's citizenship.

There you go.

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