18 February 2009

Story Number Five for Burris

Roland Burris continues to modify his story. Remember that, at first, he had nothing to do with Blago's pay-to-play scheme. Didn't speak to anyone, didn't agree to anything. But now:
Burris said he contacted "some people" about holding a fundraiser at the request of Blagojevich's brother, Robert, only to learn that no one was willing to help the governor. He said he later changed his mind, raised no money and contributed none.

The account to reporters in Peoria, Ill., was Burris's fifth version of his contacts with close associates of Blagojevich and the first time he acknowledged trying to raise money for the former governor, who was arrested and forced from office on corruption charges. (WaPo)

Does he just not understand that he's adding to the state's embarrassment over the Blago fiasco, or is it that he simply doesn't care? Naturally, as Illinois politicians are (correctly) outraged, they've chosen to open an ethics investigation over the matter' to this, "Burris said he would answer 'any and all questions' " (WaPo). Sure he will, and I'm sure there's not a chance he'd lie or anything.

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