15 March 2009

Cantor on Meet the Press

Eric Cantor, House Minority Whip, on why he supported massive deficit spending during the Bush years:
"Did we blow it in terms of restoring fiscal sanity? Absolutely," he said, explaining, "We were in a time, I think, when the responsibility then was to make sure we could provide the money for the troops" (Politico).
Huh? Spending money for our troops is one thing, but that fails to justify the massive debt acquired over the past nine years.

On the stimulus plan, Cantor insists that the Republicans did have an alternative, but a media blackout prevented Americans from hearing about it. Interesting, as this suggests that such institutions as Fox News and other right-leaning organizations were in cahoots with the "liberal press."

Aside: Cantor voted "yes" to 46,000 earmarks during the Bush years.

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