24 March 2009

"Bush was Carter II-With Two Full Terms"

Andrew Sullivan whacks the former president and his cheerleaders who are coming to terms with being bamboozled by a "Conservative" who really wasn't. Sullivan proposes that the strange attacks on Obama might be provoked by Conservatives' recognition of what's gone on in the past eight years:
[a]ll that rage at what has actually happened - bottled up by rank partisanship for years - has come bounding out. Hence the bizarre spectacle of a president just two months on the job being treated on the right as if he's already Robert Mugabe. Throw in a little racial and cultural panic, add a world of genuine economic pain ... and you have the Malkin surge. (Sullivan)
Bush as Carter (interesting comparison, isn't it? Worthy of discussion). In realizing that a conservative leader led us into the current mess, its no wonder that Malkin, Glenn Beck, the Birthers, and the newly-converted adherents to the NWO conspiracy theory are kicking up a fuss. They're angry, frustrated--and they want a target. Sadly, they're placing the blame on the wrong guy, but, because Obama is our president, he is the most available target. Becoming crazy folks' kicking post is part of the job.

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