04 January 2016

Mood: Ready to Resaddle

Arshile Gorky, "The Liver is the Cock's Comb"
Hey there!

So, I am rehearsing public writing. Again. Since 2009, I've posted (at least) once a year that "I'm going to re-dedicate myself to writing," but I've always allowed myself to become occupied by other things--some big (the job), some fatuous (Candy Crush), and some mundane (that bread isn't going to bake itself). Yeah. The writing and posting haven't happened.

Let's try it again, shall we?

Anticipate, if you will, bits on politics (though not as many as 2008!), cultural commentary, and the
odd poem (not by me), photo, or tidbit filed under "trivia."

Until next time,

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