13 January 2016

Bowie, Briefly.

My response to David Bowie's death may be melodramatic and some might say frivolous.

My partner woke me at 05:45 on Monday, 12/11/16 to tell me that Bowie had died; immediately, I fell into the grief-pit. I began sobbing, and I spent a significant chunk of the day weeping.

My response has several components. Much, of course, is sincere mourning for a deeply valuable human being and artist. There is, as well, nostalgia and an awareness of my own mortality. However, I think the majority of it may be that Bowie's death "triggered" my widow's grief.  While I was crying for Bowie, I was also crying for my late husband. 

I'm working on a longer piece about Bowie's significance "to me" (because, you know, we don't have enough of those just yet), but I wanted to mark his passing now. 

Thank you, Mr Jones, for all that you've given. Your work (in art, music, film, fashion) has impacted our culture profoundly. I will miss knowing that you're in the world.

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