19 April 2012

Holocaust Remembrance Day & OWS

Sadly, some nutjob chose to post an anti-Semitic editorial cartoon to a community FaceBook page associates with Occupy Tampa today, which also happens to be Holocaust Remembrance Day. Of course, such a post is never acceptable, but that said nutjob did so today makes his or her action especially excoriable.

53 people "Liked" the image. A few commenters signalled approval while more than 400 people objected to the post.

According to the website The Algemeiner, Occupy has "denounced" the image, and it has been removed from the FaceBook page.

Here is the image, which, incidentally, originally appeared in a Qatari newspaper, Al-Watan, on 30 September 2011.

Someone seems to have the completely invented, fantastical hoax of The Protocols in mind.

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