24 January 2012

Pre-SOTU '12

I hadn't really planned on tuning into the State of the Union tonight (it's not that I'm apathetic; I'm pretty disgusted with the current Congress for a number reasons--gridlock, smug finger-pointing, juvenile tribalism, etc. etc.), but Andrew Sullivan, having received a heads-up about the speech's details, posts that we "should get some caffeine ready." It's pretty ambiguous (the address's contents are embargoed), but that statement suggests that we'll be up late tonight. Of course, it could also mean that we'll require extra energy to keep us alert during the speech, but Sullivan says that hearing the argument from the White House's communications team "is not the same as listening to Obama deliver the case," so I'll go with my initial interpretation of the caffeine recommendation and get that coffee going.

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mpandgs said...

post-SOTU '12: a big old "meh"