30 July 2009

Hiatus, Interrupted

Focusing on The Project; consequently, very little time spent on m, p, & g s (or even following the news as closely as desired). Once The Project concludes, expect regular updates and some (possibly) striking revelations.

But first, some oddities:

--many hits on an old post about Stephen King and the highbrow/lowbrow divide, thanks to visitors from The Seated View.

--Lots of hits on the post about the "Sarah Obama tape"

--Many, many hits on the "If I wanted to visit Pakistan in 1981" post.
(these last two really puzzle me, as the rumors they discuss have been repeatedly and thoroughly disproven, beginning last winter).

--lots of people searching for "Birther jokes." I'm not sure how they end up here.

Anyway, more later. Best to ye.

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